random talkin’ part some thing

So these crazy elections are done woot. some ppl are happy some are not. Here in CO we just legalized pot. So long as there’s no hate how do u all feel about this election year good, bad *shrugs* what ever. i’m pretty happy with how things turned out, now may we go fourth to the future with bright enthusiasm and take life by the horns and make today for us. Idk what i’m sayin’ at this point, i got on here today and saw i had three fallower’s and so i thought i should post some thing. recently i got back into watchin’ an old cartoon by the name of “Ed,Edd n’ Eddy” it’s such a wonderful cartoon to watch to relive some of child hood. it was one of the longest runnin’ cartoons on cartoon network very awesome. well for now i’m done talkin’, any one who wishes to put in their two cents may but don’t be rude or mean. so to all i bed a fer well for now till the next random post. peace out.  

have u hear of?…

Have u heard of a movie called “Little Nemo Adventures in Slumber Land” if u have wat was ur fave. Part. Mine is wen Neo and Princess Camille were bickering about Nemo’s flyin’ squrril Icerus. She continously calls Icerus a rat and Nemo explains that he is infact his best friend. Once she begins to apologise for being rude Nemo pipes in,”Don’t apologise to me, apologise to my rat!”. Once he realises wat he’s said he begins perfusely apologisin’ to his best friend and flyin’ squirrl Icerus.


Hi? Hello… i can’t say i’ve ever posted any thing to tumbler b4 now… so any one that talks to me here i warn u now that i’m slow with some things and tumbler is one of those things. if any one has any helpful advice, or tips or words of wisdom to me about usin’ tumbler to communicate up please let me know and stuff. thanks have a wonderful wat ever time it is where ever u are. Peace.